• Nicole Scherzinger goes braless at Tonys afterparty
  • The singer stuns in semi-sheer dress
  • She looks super sexy

Nicole Scherzinger, the fabulous Pussycat Dolls icon, knows how to make an entrance... and an exit! After dazzling on the red carpet in a stunning one-shoulder red gown, Nicole decided to spice things up for the Tonys afterparty at Pebble Bar, New York. 

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Scherzinger slipped into a daringly sheer dress that left little to the imagination, proving once again that she's the queen of transformation!

Celebs galore and unforgettable moments

The Tonys afterparty was a whirlwind of celebrity encounters and unforgettable moments. From Elle Fanning's elegant black suit to the cozy snaps of Alexa Goodrow and Erich Bergen, the night was a celebration of talent, fashion, and love.

Nicole Scherzinger, with her daring fashion choice and stunning performance, once again proved why she's a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment world.

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