• Demi Moore visited the Grand Canyon
  • She shares sexy pictures
  • Her bikini body is impressive

Demi Moore (61) continues to captivate with timeless allure. The passage of over six decades hasn't diminished her physique in the slightest. The Hollywood star reaffirmed this with a sizzling bikini snapshot.

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Demi Moore in a bikini: she strikes a pose

In September, Demi Moore shared highlights of her real adventure to the Grand Canyon on Instagram, where she explored the Colorado River with a small group.

The series kicks off with a striking image—Demi Moore in a bikini beneath a waterfall, showcasing her toned body in a cool and sexy manner. Despite celebrating her 61st birthday this year, Demi maintains a killer figure that leaves followers in awe.

Her good humor and connection to nature also earn admiration, with one fan expressing, "She is everything."

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