Heidi Klum (48) was in Los Angeles at a red carpet event. When she appeared on the red carpet, you didn't even know where to look first: the cute puppy the model is posing with, or her gorgeous long legs? In a little black dress, Heidi shows off her model legs in full.

Heidi Klum is sexy on the red carpet as usual

The dress really couldn't be shorter, but Heidi sure can pull it off. Heidi also has no problem showing off some skin on top, but she skilfully covers herself with a chic blazer and sometimes even a cute puppy. The look is rounded off by sexy heels that make Heidi's legs appear even longer.

Heidi Klum on the red carpet in Los Angeles 2021

Heidi Klum, who used to look very different, has no problem with showing some skin. She is known both in her home country of Germany and in her adopted home, the USA.

Whether on the red carpet or with private snapshots on Instagram: Heidi Klum never disappoints her fans. Again and again, the model surprises his numerous followers with hot photos and even cute snapshots when she appears in a more down-to-earth style.