• Liz Hurley is still a sex symbol to this day
  • She posts a picture of herself in a white bikini
  • THIS is what the fans write

Whenever we think it can't get any hotter, Liz Hurley (57) convinces us otherwise.

Liz Hurley sexy in a bikini

Liz Hurley recently posted pictures of herself on Instagram that made her followers sweat. The actress showed off her cleavage in a white bikini. The 57-year-old wears her hair down and looks dreamily into the distance.

The brunette posted three different versions of the image for fans to see. Two colorful photos and one using the sepia filter beautify Liz's Instagram profile. In the comments, fans give their opinions about the filters, naming their favorite version of the picture. 

As one user writes: "2 shows your skin tone best.” Some find all three versions beautiful, while others find the filters unnecessary.

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