Rapper Nicki Minaj (39) is not just known for her music, but also known for her rather unusual and revealing looks. For her 39th birthday, she has come up with something very special. Nicki posed nude in front of the camera for all her fans on Instagram.  

Nicki Minaj blows everyone away with her nude photos

For a total of three pictures, Nicki Minaj dropped her clothes and covers her intimate parts with her hand, leaving little to the imagination. In the first and third photos, she is wearing a stunning sparkly body chain that hugs her figure in all the right places. It really doesn't get much hotter.

For her nude look, Nicki Minaj combines plateau high heels in silver and thus provides another highlight, because the rapper's legs are perfectly accentuated through the high shoes. She wears her pink hair in an elaborate hairstyle.

Nicki Minaj has a lot of fun with her make-up look, showing off some heavy eye shadow, long luscious lashes, and pink lipstick. We really think she nailed the look... 

Of course, she includes a birthday cake in honour of her special day. A small cake with colorful candles is one of the props in Nicki's sexy photos. In the second picture, however, the 39-year-old goes even bigger and poses with a giant teddy bear, losing the body jewelry and showing off her backside. 

The rapper seems to be enjoying her hot birthday shoot very much because, in the photo with the teddy bear, her radiant smile is hard to miss.

Her fans LOVE the photos and they shower Nicki with compliments and sweet birthday messages in the comments. Happy Birthday, Nicki Minaj!