• Avani shares new outfit pics on social media
  • She poses on the street in a relaxed style
  • Avani has over 18 million Instagram followers

Avani Gregg is one of TikTok's hottest stars these days, and her most recent photos prove how much of a style icon she is! On Thursday, Avani took to Instagram to share a bunch of pics of her spring style, and fans can't get enough! 

Avani looks effortlessly cool in street style

Avani can be seen posing in a casual but trendy outfit as she stands outside in front of a garage. The social media star wears a white halter crop top that shows off her toned physique, as well as baggy plaid pants. With sunglasses and a funky bright blue purse, she looks like she could have stepped out of a fashion catalogue. 

She looks directly towards the camera in some of the photos, even running her hands through her hair, while others see her facing away. In a close-up selfie Avani shared, she reveals more details of her look— which make it even more striking! Her sunglasses appear to be designed by Alexander McQueen, and she has bold painted nails with little jewels on them. 

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Avani also accessorized with some bling on her fingers, including a cobalt blue ring that wraps around her pinkie! "baby you're out," she captioned the photoset. Her whole ensemble makes for an effortlessly chic look, and there's no doubt that her fans will be inspired. Perhaps Avani could take a page out of Julia Fox's book, as the star recorded a DIY tutorial for her denim jeans last month, and share how to recreate her style!