• Suki Waterhouse has become a mother
  • She posts a sexy photo in a bikini
  • Her figure is super toned

Supermodel Suki Waterhouse (32) has been in a relationship with actor Robert Pattinson (38) for over six years. In March of this year, they celebrated their love with the birth of their first daughter. Just four months later, Suki proudly displays her incredible post-baby body in a bikini snapshot shared online.

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Suki Waterhouse in a bikini: She shows off her toned figure

The beauty posted several pictures on her Instagram account, revealing her recent summer break. What has left some fans speechless is Suki's incredibly toned body, showcased in an ultra-skimpy pink bikini that covers just the bare essentials.

Suki Waterhouse shows off her super toned mega-body just a few months after the birth of her daughter

There's no sign of a former baby bump, and the 32-year-old's waist is remarkably slim. The model's pose and slightly parted lips give her a seductive and attractive look. Her beautiful legs, bare arms, and ample cleavage complete the stunning picture.

In the comments, numerous users express jealousy over her gorgeous body. "I hope I look this good after giving birth," "How does she look so amazing after having a baby?" and "That post-baby body is stunning," are just a few of the comments. Even during her pregnancy, Suki Waterhouse delighted her fans with sexy pictures.

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