• Halle Berry has shared a revealing photo on Instagram
  • It's how she celebrated her partner Van Hunt's birthday
  • She shows how great she still looks in her 50s

Halle Berry, 55, is without a doubt one of Hollywood's hottest ladies. She proves that again and again with absolutely gorgeous looks on the red carpet.

Berry is now presenting herself quite revealingly on Instagram. She poses in front of the camera wearing only a t-shirt and underwear.

Halle Berry hot photos are for her partner Van Hunt

With the risqué photos, Halle Berry congratulates her partner Van Hunt on his birthday. He was probably happy about this sight. While she showed just her t-shirt in another picture, Berry flashed a bit more, plus her famous legs, in this one.

Actress Halle Berry is so revealing on Instagram

Also interesting:

The Hollywood beauty lets the sun shine on her face and holds a drink in her hand. The pictures clearly show that Halle Berry still looks super hot in her 50s and that she is a natural beauty even without makeup and glamorous evening dresses.

With these great pictures, the actress gives us summer vibes straight away.