• Charles and Camilla shared a look inside their home
  • They have a photo from Meghan and Harry's wedding
  • The picture shows Charles supporting Meghan Markle

Every now and then, fans spot interesting photos inside the homes of the Royal Family.

This time, it's a picture of Duchess Meghan. It has everyone talking because it was found in Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla's living room, despite Prince Harry and his wife's notable feud with the elder royals.

Charles and Camilla show off a photo of Meghan Markle?

This week, Duchess Camilla hosted a team of rowers for tea at Clarence House, her home with Prince Charles. They shared photos on Instagram, and a spread of family pictures is seen in the background.

A zoom in shows a photo of Prince Charles with Meghan on her wedding day. The black-and-white image is proudly displayed front and centre. Charles walked Meghan down the aisle at the 2018 royal wedding.

Charles and Camilla have a similar photo in their home

Other family photos on the table at Clarence House include shots of Prince Harry and of Prince Charles holding a newborn Prince George.

Also interesting:

Of course, Meghan and Harry have been clashing with the royals for several years now. Prince Charles has been one of their main targets for criticism. Recent reports, however, suggest the couple is finally getting on better terms with Prince Harry's father.

If the family photos are any indication, Charles and Camilla look quite proud of Meghan and Harry these days.