Prince Harry has been openly critical of his father Prince Charles, but the elder royal is taking steps to end their feud.

Apparently, Prince Charles has been video calling his son and has offered to host his family on a visit to the UK. A sad reason is behind these gestures: Charles is reportedly "desperate" to see his grandchildren, Archie and Lili.

Feud over? Prince Charles wants to see Harry's children

According to the Mirror, Charles and Harry recently had phone calls that were actually "good natured and enjoyable."

Prince Charles is said to be "saddened" about a lack of time with his grandkids, and that's why he is trying to make amends.

On UK visits, Prince Harry typically stays with his cousin Princess Eugenie, but his father has offered up his home next time around, a source told the newspaper.

Prince Charles "made the gesture for Harry, Meghan and the children to stay with him if they wanted to, whenever they may come home for a period of time," said the Mirror source.

This invite was made before Christmas. Since then, the topic of Prince Harry visiting the UK has become more complicated.

Now, the Duke of Sussex is clashing with the British government about security. His legal rep says Harry has been denied police protection in the UK despite legitimate "threats" against his family.

As a result, Prince Harry feels it's unsafe to visit England. A new statement even said he wants his children to "know" his homeland, so that could line up with Prince Charles's recent invite.

But it looks Harry will have to resolve the security problem before we see a reunion with the Royal Family.

His newborn daughter Lili has never been to the UK, and it's been several years for his wife Meghan and son Archie — who was actually born in England.