• Rita Ora is almost naked
  • The hot singer poses in a fishnet dress
  • She looks so hot

Anyone who knows Rita Ora (32) knows that the blonde likes to show a lot of skin. Her fashion style is bold and sexy. In a recent Instagram post, she is dressed only in a beige-toned net dress and you can see EVERYTHING.

Rita Ora: It doesn't get much hotter

Rita Ora's body is really impressive. With such a great figure, you have to show what you've got, don't you? The British singer thought so too and came to the TV personality Vas J. Morgan's birthday party in a touch of nothing.

Under the backless fishnet dress, which shows off her many tattoos perfectly, Rita wears only a pair of tight black panties, so that her backside is visible in the dress.  

Also interesting:

A bra is also there... but barely as it only covers her nipples. To top it all off, the dress also has a super deep V-neckline. The flame emojis are piling up in the comments.

Since the singer saved on fabric in these areas, there was still something left for a hood. The look is therefore sexy and at the same time extremely fashion-conscious.

Rita Ora knows how to do it: less fabric equals more jewelry. Her look is perfected with large hoop earrings, rings and bracelets and a large necklace. Her hand tattoos and long fake nails make everything look all the sexier. Wow!