• Salma Hayek poses in a skimpy bikini
  • Her amazing body makes us jealous
  • Her daughter is behind the camera

Salma Hayek (57) captivates on social media with a snapshot donning a black bikini. The Hollywood actress shares a striking photo highlighting her impressive figure in XS panties.

Sexy ladies:

So hot! Salma Hayek presents her gorgeous curves

The form-fitting fabric of the bikini accentuates the stunning curves and slender waist of the 57-year-old. The Mexican-born actress wears her long brown hair in a wavy ponytail, facing away from the sea.

With the sunset casting a warm glow behind her and oversized sunglasses perched on her nose, Salma Hayek exudes elegance as she stands gracefully amidst the ocean waves. Her presence is truly captivating from every angle.

"It always helps to have a photographer in the family," the actress remarks on the picture, which she shares with her 28.4 million Instagram followers. She discloses that her daughter Valentina (16) is the gifted photographer behind the alluring snapshot.

Valentina, who has already graced the cover of 'Vogue Mexico' alongside her mother, possesses not only a keen eye for photography but also harbors aspirations of pursuing a career as an actress and director.

More about Salma Hayek:

Mother and daughter also bond over their shared passion for makeup, with Valentina now even offering her mother tips. Additionally, Salma and Valentina share a deep love for the Spanish language.

Salma Hayek consistently showcases her alluring side on Instagram, whether it's flaunting her figure in a bikini or rocking a daring red leather ensemble.