• Van Hunt congratulates Halle Berry on Mother's Day
  • He shares a sexy snapshot on Instagram
  • THIS picture is super hot

In honor of Mother's Day, Van Hunt (54), musician and partner of Halle Berry (57), shared an incredibly intimate photo of the actress. The captivating image, featured on Hunt's Instagram page, depicts Berry standing on her bedroom balcony, bare and alluring, with her back to the camera and casting a seductive glance over her shoulder.

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Halle Berry shows off her bum through the balcony

The 57-year-old actress confidently showcases her silhouette, with her hair cascading down her back. Her backside is boldly exposed, exuding undeniable allure. In the caption, Hunt playfully infuses puns and a dash of humor: "Happy Mother's Day from the bottom... of my heart."

He jokingly added that perhaps he shouldn't have posted the picture, but couldn't resist showcasing Halle's impressive figure. This photo bears a striking resemblance to a similar one that Berry shared last year. Just like before, the mother of two demonstrates her confidence and comfort in her own skin.

Since their announcement in September 2020, Halle Berry and Van Hunt have openly displayed their love. With two children from previous relationships, Berry and Hunt, who is also a father, regularly offer glimpses into their life together. For instance, she seized Hunt's birthday as an opportunity to express her love through a series of heartfelt photos.

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