• Elle Fanning debuts new haircut
  • Fanning cuts off her long hair 
  • This is her shortest haircut yet

Elle Fanning, the perennial princess of the red carpet, has just given the paparazzi and her fans a fresh flash of fabulousness with a hair makeover that's got everyone buzzing! The actress, known for her ethereal presence and mane of golden tresses, took to Instagram with a shocker – she's chopped it all off for a bouncy, bright bob that's as bold as it is beautiful!

Sexy ladies:

Breathtaking Bob: Elle Fanning flaunts her new haircut in braless look

In a series of sizzling selfies, Fanning confidently showcases her new 'do, allowing her light blonde bob to playfully cascade across her makeup-free face. While she opts for a braless look under a simple white tank top and striped pants ensemble, her captivating hair steals the spotlight. "Ma'am, your bob is FYE," one user commented, echoing the sentiment of many admirers.

It's not just Elle who's embracing the bob. From Nicole Kidman's shaggy lob to Sydney Sweeney's layered look, the bob is the cut du jour. Even Kylie Jenner, known for her Rapunzel-esque extensions, sported a pixie-bob mix-up, playfully taunting her momager with "Kris Jenner is quaking."

Elle's new era: The blonde bob beckons

Elle Fanning's hair has been her crowning glory since her days as a child star, but with this daring chop, she's proving she's not afraid to shake things up. 
The actress revealed her stunning blonde bob on the red carpet during Tuesday's Netflix 'Ripley' NY Tastemaker event in New York City, demonstrating her unwavering support for her sister, Dakota Fanning.

Ripley NY Tastemaker | Netflix

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