Dakota Fanning wowed us from the beginning, appearing in many different films when she was just a tiny tot. One of the most memorable roles of the child star is featured in the early 2000s classic film Uptown Girls.

Appearing on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live, Fanning, now 26, is remembering her time on set with her late co-star Brittany Murphy.

Dakota Fanning remembers her co-star fondly

In the 2003 film, Fanning plays "Ray," a spicy and vivacious 8-year-old that gives her nanny, played by Murphy, a run for her money. 

"She just taught me to always have fun," Fanning recalls.

"She was, like, such a ray of light and had such a playful spirit. So I think, just, she made every day special for me. She was so wonderful," Fanning added.

Murphy died suddenly in December of 2009, at the age of just 32. The young star collapsed in her mother's arms after battling flu-like symptoms for a few days.

Fanning remembered her costar as "a ray of sunshine" that made every day on set a great experience.

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