Brandy and Monica have reunited for an epic musical battle! As People mentions, the two singers competed against one another on Verzuz on Monday night, their livestream shattering previous records as it brought in 1.2 million views! 

Brandy and Monica talk about past tension between them

Monica took the opportunity to clear the air with Brandy about their supposed feud. "I wanted to speak to you face to face," she explained to her. "The more we're talked about, the more it came to be difficult, unnecessarily. And I really really am a straight shooter and I really do admire what you've done musically and what you've had to endure personally." As People mentions, Brandy and Monica's 1998 hit "The Boy Is Mine" fuelled speculation that the two singers weren't on the best terms.

As it turns out though, Brandy also had kind things to say about Monica! "I have the utmost love and respect for you as well, for somebody to start at 12 years old.... The longevity of your career, nobody [knows] what you've been through," she told her. The two could even be seen holding hands at several moments during their Verzuz duel! However, Monica did bring up how she's no longer "kickin' in doors and smackin' chicks," a comment causing Brandy to quip that she'd been one of those chicks.

Brandy and Monica arrive at the 41st Annual Grammy Awards on February 24, 1999.

Brandy and Monica perform hits and lesser-known tracks

Brandy and Monica's battle saw each of them perform a number of their songs! Brandy sang "Baby," "Almost Doesn't Count," "Full Moon," and "Missing You". She dedicated the latter to iconic Black celebrities who passed away, such as Chadwick Boseman, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jackson, Nipsey Hussle, and Whitney Houston. As well, she played new track "Borderline" from her album b7, and read some poems from her Moesha journal! 

Monica took on "So Gone," "Almost Doesn't Count," "For You I Will," and "Angel of Mine. She also debuted a brand-new song, "Trenches," featuring Lil Baby! And of course, the duo ended up closing out the battle with "The Boy Is Mine." It was then that Monica shared she'd wanted Brandy on the song with her because "it was missing you ... and you just took it to a different place." 

Brandy and Monica hadn't spoken for eight years

Brandy and Monica's stream saw over a million people tune in to see the two reunite, including several celebrities! As People mentions, Keke Palmer, Missy Elliot, Michelle Obama, and Kamala Harris all watched the epic event, which ended up being three hours long. Snoop Dogg— who happens to be Brandy's cousin— tuned in as well! Brandy and Monica also shared that prior to their Verzuz battle, they hadn't spoken for eight years!

Back in 2012, the duo released another song together called "It All Belongs To Me," with empowering lyrics that see a woman ending her relationship on her own terms. "People need this music," Brandy said of her face-off with Monica while on the show. "People need to see us together, people need to see unity and celebration ... I'm just honored to be sitting next to you."

The Bee Gees in 1970

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