Pete was born June 5th, 1979 in Wilmette, Illinois to Dale and Pete who actually met on Joe Biden's campaign trail for senate! Wentz was very musically inclined from a young age and was a part of many punk/alternative bands before he dropped out of university to pursue working with Fall Out Boy full time in 2002. 

Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz

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The incredible success of Fall Out Boy launched quirky and adorable Pete into the public eye. He pursued all sorts of endeavors like fashion lines, guitar designing, comic book writing, and even opened a nightclub with his bandmates, the Gym Class Heroes, The Academy Is..., and Cobra Starship!

In 2006, he first started dating Jessica Simpson's younger sister Ashley Simpson. Their relationship bloomed quickly, the musician couple marrying in 2008 and having their son Bronx Mowgli the same year. Unfortunately, the pair divorced in 2011 due to "irreconcilable differences."

Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz Today

In 2014, Pete had a child with his girlfriend Meagan Camper, son Saint Lazslo and in 2018 had their first daughter Marvel Jane!

Fall Out Boy's latest album Mania released in 2017 earned them another Grammy nomination for Best Rock Album! Wentz continues to record, perform and tour with his hit band Fall Out Boy and loves being a dad to his 3 kids.

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