• Princess Kate shows a cute baby photo on Instagram
  • The picture from Kate's childhood days delights the online community
  • But there is an important message behind the post

How cute! Princess Kate (41) surprises her Instagram fans with a sweet photo that shows her as a baby. With the post, Prince William's wife (40) causes great enthusiasm.

Princess Kate as a baby: She looked so cute back then

The cute baby photo shows a very young Kate, who is lovingly held by her father Michael Middleton (73). She happily stretches her arms towards his face.

Kate reveals in the caption that her mother Carole Middleton (68) took the heartwarming picture at the time.

The followers noticed one thing in particular: "Is it just me or is there a very big resemblance between Cathrine and Louis?" In fact, Prince Louis (4) looks very similar to his mother in this picture.

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Kate shows baby photo: The important message behind it

Behind the sweet baby photo of Princess Kate, who has been without an accessory for some time, there is an important reason. Together with her husband Prince William, she launched the "Shaping Us" campaign on Tuesday, which deals with the importance of early childhood development.

Kate, who joked about a Valentine's Day gift from William, would like to use her photo to encourage users to post pictures from their own childhood. She is also calling on her fans to spend time with family and friends this weekend to talk about early childhood experiences.