• Prince William and Duchess Kate on Caribbean tour
  • William and Kate share new diving video online
  • The royals also bring awareness to important cause

Duchess Kate and Prince William recently went diving together in Belize with sharks and other exotic fish! The two royals experienced this special highlight during their Caribbean trip, recording it and sharing the video on Instagram.

Kate and William support conservation in Belize

Duchess Kate and Prince William are seen diving together with countless fish and sharks. The couple share a glance and give the "okay" hand signal to one another. Even underwater, it's clear how much they trust one another! But the dive in the Caribbean was more than just a fun activity for the two royals.

With their excursion into the sea, William and Kate also wanted to draw attention to climate change. Belize has the second largest reef system in the world, the Belize Barrier Reef, which is exactly what they refer to in their caption.

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"While the effects of climate change are evident, the Government of Belize and communities across the country deserve huge recognition for their efforts to restore this incredible marine environment - with a commitment to protect 30% of it by 2030," William and Kate wrote.