• Duchess Sophie mourns
  • After an accident the 81-year-old victim died
  • Palace releasees a statement

Bad news for the British royals: After the accident with Duchess Sophie's (58) police escort on May 10th, 81-year-old Helen Holland has tragically died. She was hit by a police motorcycle that was escorting Sophie's car.

81-year-old died after Duchess Sophie's accident

The woman was immediately taken to hospital after the accident, but fell into a coma there, as 'BBC' reported. The death of the 81-year-old was confirmed by the investigating police supervisor to 'Express'.

Also interesting:

As Holland's son explains, after suffering "several broken bones and massive internal injuries" she ultimately could not recover. She had "fought for her life for almost two weeks ... but irreversible damage to her brain has finally ended the fight."

The palace has also already commented on the tragic death. "The Duchess of Edinburgh is deeply saddened by the death of Helen Holland. The deepest condolences and sympathy of Her Royal Highness are extended to the entire family of Mrs. Holland", reads the statement Royal expert Rebecca English received and shared on Twitter.