• Have the Danish royals edited their pictures?
  • After Kate, they are now facing accusations
  • Watchers accused them of photoshopping photo

The Danish royal family recently unveiled its newest official portrait featuring King Frederik (55) and Queen Mary (52), sparking immediate intrigue. While praised on Instagram for its "Beauty," the portrait garnered attention not only for its aesthetic appeal but also due to accusations of potential digital manipulation.

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Is the photo of the Danish royals edited?

Speculation has arisen among observers suggesting that the royal couple may have been photographed separately and subsequently digitally merged into one image. One user commented, "Beautiful photo, but another digitally enhanced royal photo?," while another remarked, "Was this photoshopped? I mean it looks like they were photographed separately then put together?"

The debate centered particularly on the positioning of Queen Mary's hand in front of King Frederik, which some found unnatural. "It looks like Queen Mary has been put into the photo of Fred. The hand position is identical.," noted another commenter.

Despite the widespread speculation, the Danish palace has officially affirmed that the image is authentic and has not undergone digital manipulation. According to the British newspaper "Express," the palace stated, "The Royal House's official gala portrait has not been manipulated," aiming to dispel rumors and uphold the integrity of the portrait.

Princess Kate (42) recently faced criticism for a retouched photo on Mother's Day. She subsequently issued a public apology for the image.

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