• Queen Elizabeth II was Britain's longest-ruling monarch in history
  • Elizabeth was been a major fan of Corgis all of her life
  • She had several dogs during her reign

However, Queen Elizabeth was also beloved by the general public because of some of her more curious proclivities. One of her most famous quirks was her love of dogs... particularly Corgis! And this is a love affair that stems all the way back to Elizabeth's childhood days when she first fell in love with the breed.

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Queen Elizabeth And Her Corgis Are Now A British Tradition!

Princess Elizabeth And Sue

Corgis have historically been a part of the royal family since the 1930s, however, Elizabeth's personal affinity for them is another story altogether. Even though she had seen Corgis before, it all started with Susan. She was a gift for then Princess Elizabeth’s 18th birthday. Susan was registered as “Hickathrift Pippa” and at first, was called Sue. She and Elizabeth became extremely close...

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