• There are refugees from Ukraine all over Europe
  • In Great Britain, they are sometimes housed in royal houses
  • Learn more about the situation below

The war in Ukraine is currently shaking the entire world. On February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched an attack on the neighboring country.

Many stars and royals are showing their support for Ukraine with financial aid or donations of important relief supplies.

British royals help Ukrainians

The British royals are also helping to find accommodation for some of the refugees and are even taking some in - at the Queen's home.

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As The Sun reports, the royal family is making many of their properties available across the country, including on the Queen's Balmoral estate.

"All royal households have been involved in helping find accommodation for refugees", the newspaper claims to have learned from an insider.

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The Sun goes on to report that senior Buckingham Palace sources declined to reveal where the Ukrainian refugees are being held to protect their identities and safety.

Exact place of residence not known

What is certain, however, is that due to "security implications", the refugees are not housed in palaces or with the royals themselves. The Crown Estates own around 8,000 properties and businesses in England and Wales.

When around 50,000 Ukrainians arrived in Britain, the royals decided to offer some of the properties for them to live in. Some British royals openly show that they stand by Ukraine. Queen Elizabeth II donated money to Ukraine, as did Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla.

They also use hidden symbols to show their concern and willingness to help, such as their clothing.