• Prince Harry is the father of Archie and Lili
  • He's calling for new laws
  • He wants to protect children in the digital world

Prince Harry, 37, is very concerned for the future of Archie, 3, Lilibet, 11 months, and all children of the world.

During an online event with the 5Rights Foundation, Prince Harry spoke about the problems and challenges of the digital world. While the internet is an "amazing tool," he says it also brings with it a lot of negativity.

Prince Harry calls for new laws to protect his children

"The young people I talk to keep telling me that the online world is causing them harm — from immense pressure and digital addiction, to loneliness and anxiety over their body image and bullying," said the prince.

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He and Duchess Meghan are "concerned" about the fact that their children Archie and Lili will grow up in a generation as "digital experiments" of tech companies.

To prevent children from encountering dangerous content online and instead allow them to learn, play and connect freely, he suggested:

"We need new laws [...]. We need public pressure. We need strong leadership. And we need continued research into what some of the biggest companies in the world are hiding behind closed doors."

Prince Harry added: "It will take all of us working together to listen and respond, so that every child can grow up in a digital age that allows them to thrive."

Harry and Meghan's son Archie recently celebrated his 3rd birthday. Their baby girl Lili will turn 1 next month during a visit to the UK.