• Queen Elizabeth II almost missed her horse show
  • She found herself getting turned away by security
  • The Queen reacted to the situation with class

The Queen has been at the head of the British monarchy for 70 years, so there is hardly anyone who does not know her. However, Queen Elizabeth II once wasn't recognized, and almost denied access to her own horse show!

The Queen confused for "lost old dear"

One might assume that the Queen's face would be familiar to everyone, especially those who work at royal events. But as Hello! reports, a few decades ago, it just so happened that the Queen was not recognized at a horse race.

A security guard did not want to let her in at the annual Royal Windsor Horse Show because he did not realize who was standing in front of him. "Sorry love, you can't come in without a sticker," he said to the British Queen, not knowing who he was dealing with. The Queen's response could not have been more classy.

"I think if you check, I will be allowed to come in!" she said, rather than getting angry. The security guard did so, and the Queen was still able to take part in the event, which according to Mirror is one of her favourites. The guard later admitted he had confused Queen Elizabeth II with a "lost old dear."


The Queen annually attends horse show

This funny situation is said to have taken place in 1991. It must have been quite embarrassing for the security guard not to recognize the queen! If you consider that the Queen has attended the horse show every year since 1943, it would have been a devastating blow for her if she could not have been there at the time.

Also interesting:

Such things can happen— even to the Queen of Great Britain. Apparently, she didn't blame him, with no trace of airs and graces to her response. The Queen reacted in a manner that showed calm and prudence. Still, it's an event neither the security guard nor the royal will ever forget.

The Queen is a passionate horsewoman herself and has a keen interest in horses. Her connection to the horse show is therefore understandable. The Royal Windsor Horse Show has been held near Windsor Castle every year since 1943 and includes dressage, jumping, driving, and endurance disciplines.