• Queen Elizabeth II supports the Ukrainian people
  • She has made a significant donation to humanitarian aid
  • The queen is the latest royal to acknowledge war in Ukraine 

Queen Elizabeth II has shown her support for the people of Ukraine with a sizeable donation! It was revealed on Thursday that the monarch, who recently made her first appearance after her COVID-19 scare, donated to an important humanitarian cause.

Queen Elizabeth II's donation said to be "unusual"

Queen Elizabeth II's act of goodwill was announced on social media by the Disasters Emergency Committee, a large London-based humanitarian organization. In a tweet, they applauded the royal "for continuing to support the Disasters Emergency Committee and for making a generous donation to the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal."

Queen Elizabeth receives a special gift every Monday at Buckingham Palace!

While the exact amount Queen Elizabeth II donated to the organization was not disclosed, her private contribution to Ukrainian relief efforts is no less significant. And as an insider at Buckingham Palace told Entertainment Tonight, it's also surprising! That's because as the source mentioned, the queen's actions are "unusual for the royal family as they typically stay out of politics and don’t provide monetary support."

Also interesting:

Many members of the European royal family have demonstrated their support for the people of Ukraine over the past few days. Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan also shared their opinion on the current situation between Ukraine and Russia, and so have Prince William and Duchess Kate.