• The royals have been damaged by Prince Harry's new book
  • Reportedly, a crisis summit is in the works for everyone
  • Harry and Meghan could meet with Charles, William, and more

All hell has broken loose in the British Royal Family. Prince Harry's memoir Spare is keeping the royals busy.

In addition, the Coronation of King Charles III is planned for this May. It would normally be a mandatory appointment for Harry and his wife Duchess Meghan, who live in the U.S.

But Harry's accusations are clouding the mood. That's why Charles is planning a crisis summit to sit down with Harry and Prince William, heir to the throne. That's according to insiders at the Bild.

Will Harry and the royals reconcile before the Coronation?

Prince Harry also spoke in his interview with the Telegraph about wanting to reconcile with his relatives.

But Harry seems to want an apology from Charles and William in particular. This creates a tense atmosphere at the Palace.

"Everyone at the Palace is afraid that the familial war will overshadow the Coronation. The Coronation is an event of the century and nothing should distract from it," an insider told Bild.

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As a result, however, perhaps not Charles should initiate the conversation, but first and foremost his wife Queen Camilla.

The crisis summit is to be attended by male royals as well as their wives Princess Kate, Duchess Meghan, and Camilla.

"However, this is the ideal scenario and it is questionable whether it will work out that way," the source continues.

A date is about to be worked out, which should be very difficult due to the current conflict. William is also said to be open to a clarifying conversation. Whether Harry and Meghan agree is uncertain for now.

Crisis summit could depend on an unlikely royal...

But another royal is said to be closely involved: Princess Eugenie. She also is trying to reunite her beloved cousins and her uncle.

Despite the difficult family situation, Eugenie maintains a good relationship with all three men.

At the latest, we'll see how Eugenie and Camilla's plan works out by the Coronation in May...

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