• King Constantine II of Greece's funeral was this week
  • The former King was Prince William's godfather
  • Prince William missed the funeral – here's why

Prince William was surprisingly absent from an important royal event this week: the funeral of former King Constantine II of Greece. 

Initially, Prince William and Princess Kate were thought likely to attend the ceremony in Athens, as the ex-King was William's godfather.

Prince William misses royal funeral of his godfather

But come the day of the funeral, neither Prince William nor his father King Charles III, himself a second cousin of Constantine, made the trip to Greece.

Instead, Princess Anne represented the British monarchy at the funeral, while Lady Gabriella Windsor stood in specifically for Prince William.

However, some were unhappy about the funeral absence of William and Charles. It even prompted Buckingham Palace to provide an explanation.

Also interesting:

According to Hello! magazine, the Palace acknowledged that King Charles already had a meeting scheduled with the President of the Republic of Cyprus.

While Prince William's absence was due to a "private" matter not on his official calendar. And they left it at that.

Prince William was then back to royal duties the next day. The King and Queen's social media pages also promoted his activities, after some criticized him for missing the funeral. 

King Constantine II was the last king of Greece. He ruled from 1964 until the monarchy was abolished in 1973. He died on Jan. 10, 2023, at the age of 82...

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