• Prince Charles' wife Duchess Camilla will one day become Queen Consort
  • She is his second wife after Lady Diana
  • She talks about her difficult early days

For a long time, she was considered the reason why the marriage between Prince Charles (73) and Lady Diana (†36) didn't work out. In 1996, Prince Charles and Lady Diana divorced after years of marital crisis. Camilla (74) had already divorced Andrew Parker Bowles a year earlier.

In 1999, two years after Diana's death, Prince Charles and his first love Camilla appeared in public. They made their love official and in April 2005 they were married at Windsor Guildhall.

Unknown Facts About Duchess Camilla

Duchess Camilla, long considered Lady Diana's rival, has had to deal with a lot of criticism. However, things look very different today. The future Queen Consort is becoming more and more popular due to her many charity projects.

Duchess Camilla has been heavily criticized

Duchess Camilla has been able to come to terms with her role alongside Prince Charles over the years.

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But it wasn't always easy, as she now tells in an interview with Vogue. "I was scrutinised for such a long time that you just have to find a way to live with it. Nobody likes to be looked at all the time and, you know, criticised."

Getting older has helped her to accept certain things more easily and one thing is clear, Duchess Camilla already takes her future role very seriously.