• Duchess Meghan and the royals don't see eye to eye
  • Queen Camilla apparently insulted Meghan in private
  • She is said to have called Meghan "ungrateful"

Meghan Markle's relationship with the Royal Family has been a notable issue in recent years.

Recently, she and her husband Prince Harry released their documentary on Netflix, in which they made damaging accusations.

Now, King Charles III's wife, Queen Consort Camilla, is said to have made negative comments about Meghan.

Queen Camilla didn't hold back about Meghan...

According to royal biographer Tom Brower, Queen Camilla has used certain adjectives when discussing the Duchess of Sussex.

As the biographer claims, Camilla is said to have called Meghan "ungrateful" after her criticisms and accusations against the Royal Family.

Also interesting:

In addition, the royal expert said that Camilla has never particularly liked Meghan, and that the Queen Consort has always believed that Meghan will, sooner or later, resume her career in Hollywood.

But it looks like the real drama is not going to stop anytime soon...

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