The family of Nathan Hunt, an English soldier who died by suicide in 2018 after years of struggles with his experiences in Afghanistan, wants his name added to the UK's Armed Forces Memorial.

Hunt's parents, however, have been rejected and told that their son's death wasn't linked to his military service, according to The Mirror. In Afghanistan, Hunt also served with Prince Harry, and the royal reached out to the family to express his support.

Did Prince Harry insult the Queen in letter to military family?

Prince Harry's letter has now come to light. But some have interpreted the emotional message about his late comrade as a slight to Queen Elizabeth II.

Harry wrote to the Hunts: "I deeply empathise with what your family is going through and so wish I could assist formally, had I been in the same role I once was. Grief can be a long and burdensome road. Please know you and your family remain in my thoughts."

Headlines have now come suggesting Harry "took a swipe" at the Queen in this specific line — "had I been in the same role I once was."

Of course, Harry is referencing that he formerly held honorary military positions, which may have given him sway in matters like Hunt's memorial issue.

That's where the Queen comes in. She was the one who made Prince Harry surrender his military roles when he finalized his exit as a working royal early in 2021.

Prince Harry has been accused of insulting the Queen in a new letter.

But is it really an insult? And should the debate even be happening? Probably not. Harry, of course, didn't want to give up his military connections, but he did so as he got them through the Royal Family.

A veteran himself, Prince Harry holds military causes close to his heart. His note about his lack of military roles today is now a fact of his life — which he agreed to, even if the Queen required it.

As for the letter, the Hunt family told The Mirror it "shows how much Harry cared about Nathan," and it clearly meant a lot to them.

When Warrant Officer Nathan Hunt died at age 39 in 2018, the BBC noted he was "found hanged after suffering nightmares from his experiences dealing with Taliban bombs in Afghanistan."

And dragging that into royal drama where there isn't any feels... pretty insensitive.