Prince Harry will reportedly fight to reinstate military titles lost in his 2020 royal exit deal.

On Tuesday, The Daily Telegraph reported word that the Duke's surrendering of three military patronages has remained a sore spot since he and Duchess Meghan stepped down as working royals in March 2020. For Harry, keeping these titles will reportedly be a key concern in the one-year review of his exit deal with Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince Harry reportedly wants to keep military titles in 2021

As part of the three patronages, Prince Harry held the honorary titles: 1) Captain General of the Royal Marines, 2) Honorary Air Commandant of RAF Honington, and 3) Commodore-in-Chief, Small Ships and Diving, Royal Naval Command. These were given up in March 2020, but the Duke of Sussex is "determined" to get them back, according to The Daily Telegraph.

A friend of Prince Harry told the outlet, "His military work is one of the most important things to him. Of course he wants to keep them." And this remains the case despite Harry now living in the US while these patronages are based in the UK. The report notes that the Duke believes his 10 years of military service and continued role with the Invictus Games merit consideration in the decision.

Prince Harry intended to visit the UK frequently

The source added that Prince Harry, in fact, had envisioned his post-royal life with much more time spent in the UK. However, that's been prevented so far by the COVID-19 pandemic, which began to escalate in March of last year—the same month Harry and Meghan left the Royal Family.

Prince Harry wants to keep military titles lost in royal exit deal.

The family-of-three was unable to make it to the UK over the holidays due to travel restrictions. 1-year-old Archie has also been away from his birth country since late 2019. Prince Harry still intends to meet the Queen to personally negotiate the one-year review of his exit deal, but that reportedly won't happen in early 2021 as was hoped.

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