Prince Charles has grown "sad" at his inability to see his youngest grandchild, 1-year-old Archie, a new report says. The son of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan has been away from the UK since the family first travelled to Vancouver Island in November 2019.

The Royal Family—but especially Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, and Prince Charles—are unhappy with this lengthy period deprived of time with Archie, Daily Mail reports.

Prince Charles "sad" about lengthy time without Archie

According to the new report, a "friend" of Prince Charles shared word of the disappointed grandfather's feelings. "The Prince of Wales enjoyed popping into Frogmore Cottage to see his youngest grandchild and is sad that he hasn't seen him for so long," the source told Daily Mail.

"He has missed much of his development since [Archie] is now growing up in the USA," they continued. "Other members of the family are very sad at not seeing him. Everyone really misses Archie – they feel it's particularly sad for the Queen and Prince Philip."

After first travelling to Vancouver Island in November 2019, the family of three spent Christmas with Meghan's mother, before Harry and Meghan individually returned to the UK in early 2020. But Archie has remained first in Canada and now the US since leaving the UK.

Harry, Meghan and Archie's time away from the UK to continue?

Once more, there have been varying reports on whether or not the Sussex family will return to the UK for Christmastime 2020, with the most recent update suggesting they could fly in immediately following Christmas Day.

It's possible Archie would have already visited prior to this time, too, had it not been for the outbreak of COVID-19. The families have remained in contact via video as well. But this year, the pandemic is also influencing royal holiday plans, which are not yet decided—seemingly for the UK royals or Harry, Meghan, and Archie.

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