It appears a conclusion to Prince Harry's departure from the Royal Family will have to wait a little longer.

The Duke of Sussex was reportedly planning to meet Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and Prince William to discuss his first year since stepping down as a senior royal, a mark which would come in March 2021. But now, restrictions imposed by the UK government amid the outbreak of a new COVID-19 strain will prevent the meeting from happening—at least in the coming months.

Prince Harry won't meet the Queen to discuss royal exit deal due to COVID-19

According to The Mirror, Prince Harry planned to join an early-2021 meeting with senior Royal Family members, but he will now be unable to travel to the UK to discuss his future due to recently-announced COVID-19 restrictions.

Prince Harry won't be joining the Queen in person in early 2021.

As agreed in early 2020, senior Royals—including Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Prince William—were to meet to discuss the terms of Harry and Meghan's royal status and future, one year after the March 2020 royal exit.

This commitment to the Crown would need to occur before the end of March 2021, but it now appears that the plan may not be carried out within this time frame.

Harry and Meghan's future if they can't meet with the Queen?

Although Harry wasn't originally reported as an invitee to this meeting, it's now looking possible that Prince Harry could return to the UK to self-negotiate the next stage in his royal exit deal—a strategy referred to as Megxit by the newspapers. But it may not happen until it's safe to meet with the Queen.

Currently, Prince Harry lives in Santa Barbara, California, with Duchess Meghan and their son Archie. In the US, the couple has already launched a number of successful businesses ventures.

They signed with Netflix to produce original content that will be available on the platform by the end of this year. In addition, the couple joined a speaking agency and recently premiered the Archewell Audio podcast, a show that airs on Spotify.

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