The fate of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's final royal status is yet to be determined. According to biographer Robert Lacey, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles will soon meet to discuss the Duke and Duchess's future with the Royal Family. Reportedly, Harry and Meghan have not been invited to these meetings, in which Prince William will also participate. So it appears their future ties to British royalty, or lack thereof, will be defined without their say.

The Queen & Prince Charles to decide Harry & Meghan's future

While promoting his new book Battle of Brothers, royal biographer Robert Lacey told podcast Royally Obsessed that the British Royal Family's most important figures will meet by early next year to discuss the future of Harry and Meghan and their royal exit deal.

"When the agreement [between the Sussexes and the Royal Family] was drawn up in March this year, the Queen suggested a 12-month period and then a review," Lacey explained, as reported by The Sun.

"Harry didn't want that. Harry is quite happy in exile. But Buckingham Palace say that in March next year, or before the end of March, the Queen, Prince Charles, and Prince William will sit down and examine what they think should be done next."

The future of "Megxit" to be decided without Prince Harry

The meetings will follow-up on the 12-month review period, which was agreed to come after Harry and Meghan's early-2020 royal exit. The royal biographer also noted that neither Prince Harry nor Meghan Markle were consulted by the Crown to participate in the upcoming decision-making process.

If this continues, the fate of Harry, Meghan, and their son Archie could be known by Spring 2021, a few months before Prince William's brother returns to the U.K. to unveil a statue honouring the memory of Princess Diana, 24 years after her death.

Will Harry return to his birth country as a free man or in an even more tense situation than the one he has with his family today?

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