It appears that the Duchess of York has left Balmoral Castle early as she was spotted catching a British Airways flight from the nearby Aberdeen airport yesterday, Sunday August 11th, back to London. This is speculated to be because the arrival of Prince Philip came quite a few days earlier than expected.

Prince Philip claims Sarah Ferguson humiliated the royal family 

It is well-known that Prince Philip refuses to be under the same roof as Sarah Ferguson since her divorce with Prince Andrew in which Philip claims she humiliated the Queen and the royal family. Even though their separation has been incredibly amicable and they still support one another tremendously.


In past years, Sarah usually leaves the day before Prince Philip arrives, however this year, Philip arrived several days earlier than expected. Sarah Ferguson was expected to spend up to a week with Prince Andrew and Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie at the castle as part of the annual family gathering at Balmoral.

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