Last weekend Prince Andrew opened up about his friendship with convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein during an interview with BBC Newsnight. The Duke of York also denied the allegations made towards him in regards to having sex with an underage teen. The interview was so disastrous that Prince Andrew's public relations adviser, Jason Stein quit upon advising him not to do it.

The Duke of York has been receiving support from royal family members, including his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, who is now believed to be the "driving force" behind his decision to conduct the controversial interview. Just five days ago, Fergie shared a series of pictures of Prince Andrew on Instagram, which read "Andrew is a true and real gentleman and is stoically steadfast to not only his duty but also his kindness and goodness."

Did Sarah Ferguson convince her ex-husband to do the controversial interview?

According to the Daily Mail, the Duke of York "has been relying on his ex-wife Sarah heavily, in fact she's been the Prince's biggest champion and he values her opinion and experience." It seems like the Duchess of York has been Prince Andrew's sounding block over the past few months; whenever he's dealing with difficult situations, she's one of the first people supporting him. 

That's why fingers are now being pointed at Fergie as the one who probably encouraged Prince Andrew to do the interview in the first place. As she expressed on Instagram, she felt her ex-husband needed to get ahead of the scandal and show his truth, "It is time for Andrew to stand firm now. I go back to my three C’s... Communicate, Compromise, Compassion," she wrote. 

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson have been close friends in the past few years

The Duke and Duchess of York divorced by mutual decision in 1996 after a decade of marriage. They have two children, Princess Beatrice, and Princess Eugenie, and since their split they have been close friends. "We are the best examples of joint parenting," wrote Sarah Ferguson on Instagram. 

A couple days ago a royal insider told the Daily Mail that, since Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson are still very close and share two daughters, they only want the best for each other. In this case, when Fergie knew about the interview, she believed it was a perfect way of "clearing his name and presenting the public with a look at the real Andrew."