Be it shorts, nail polish or jewelry — the Royal Family has to follow many fashion rules. The royals are always very stylish, and there are often special meanings within the looks. In fact, one particular piece of jewelry is reserved only for married women.

Only married royals can wear tiaras

Royal tradition stipulates that only married women or royal brides can wear crowns or tiaras. The British etiquette expert Grant Harrold told the BBC that a tiara always conveys that a woman is taken and is not looking for a partner.

Duchess Meghan on her wedding day with the "Queen Mary's Diamond Bandeau Tiara"

At the same time, because of the diadem (crown), men know not make any advances on the woman wearing it. So the piece of jewelry can be seen as a grander version of a wedding ring.

Even in ancient times, the tiara symbolized growing love and the loss of innocence. Today, the pricey item is typically reserved for royal brides and Queen Elizabeth II, but you'll often see Duchess Kate and Duchess Camilla wear them, too.