From an early age, Prince William was educated to prepare him to one day ascend the UK throne.

Nevertheless, the young prince was interested in other work away from royalty. But, in one case, Queen Elizabeth II intervened to keep the future king focused.

Prince William couldn't be on the frontlines

In the documentary William and Kate: Too Good to Be True?, royal expert Simon Vigar said that Prince William was forbidden to continue a career in the military. The reason for the decision was that the Queen didn't want him near frontline combat.

The Queen made Prince William give up on this dream.

Prince William did train in the Armed Forces as a Search and Rescue pilot. He also held several military titles and helped save lives piloting his helicopter. But he eventually had to step back and put his dream aside.

In the documentary, the insider said: "William was desperate to stay in the military and of course he trained to be a helicopter pilot.

"But in the end, he wasn't allowed anywhere near the frontline. The ultimate boss [The Queen] said no because he is second-in-line to the throne."

Prince William's background as a pilot was again in the spotlight in 2020, when he opened grounds at Kensington Palace as a landing zone for emergency helicopters during the pandemic.

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