• Lady Diana died at just 36 years old
  • A car ride in Paris in August 1997 would become her death sentence
  • The doctor on site remembers the night 

He was there for Lady Diana's final moments: the French doctor Frederic Mailliez. The doctor found the "Princess of Hearts" on August 31, 1997, unconscious and with shortness of breath, in a Mercedes in the Alma tunnel in Paris. 

Frederic Mailliez remembers today, 25 years after Lady Diana's death, her last moments for which he will always feel "responsible". 

Doctor Frederic Mailliez on Lady Diana's last moments

The French doctor Frederic Mailliez treated Lady Diana after the accident. "I realize my name will always be attached to this tragic night," he says in retrospect to The Associated Press

Frederic Mailliez was driving home from a party when he stumbled upon the car accident involving the British Royal Family member. He acted immediately and goes on to say in the interview: "I feel a little bit responsible for her last moments."

Also Interesting: 

The Frenchman drove into the tunnel where the smoking Mercedes, which was almost split in two, was parked. He is said not to have recognized Lady Diana who was sitting in it at first.

Frederic Mailliez ran to his car to call emergency services and get a resuscitator. Only later did the doctor, along with the rest of the world, learn that it was the Princess of Wales he was trying to save. She was taken from the scene of the accident to a Paris hospital, where a few hours later, she passed.