Duchess Catherine likes to make sure that her three children have some normal life experiences (like going to the local Sansbury's supermarket to pick out some Halloween costumes) and Kate herself likes to be a normal mum sometimes too. The Duchess recently took part in a meet-up for parents of new students, but she had to sneak in from a secret back door!

Kate meets other mums at a local pub

Kate met fellow parents at the Hollywood Arms pub and restaurant in Chelsea, London, according to the Mail on Sunday. The Duchess was able to sneak into the pub unnoticed by using a secret entrance, which is speculated to have been installed by her brother-in-law, Prince Harry. People say that Prince Harry installed the secret door to be able to enjoy the local pub without causing a huge fuss.

Duchess Catherine is "hands-on" with her children 

Previous sources have said that Duchess Catherine is very "hands-on" when it comes to raising her three children and we are so happy that she was able to find a way to join some other school parents for a meet-up as she deserves some time out of the spotlight as well to just enjoy being a mother.