Duchess Kate's photography project Hold Still has received new life recently, with many of the pictures from it going up on display across the United Kingdom! As People reports, the nationwide community exhibition recently took things to a new level when one of Kate's selections was turned into a giant mural!

Duchess Kate highlighted exhibition on Instagram

Duchess Kate has been encouraging people to share any images from her lockdown-inspired photo project that they come across following its official launch! "Last week the Hold Still community exhibition arrived in towns and cities across the UK," she wrote on Instagram on Tuesday. "Since then, we have seen so many photos of the portraits across the country, and wanted to share some of those touching images."

"If you see a Hold Still billboard, poster or digital screen - take a photo, tag us and share with #HoldStill2020 - and we will feature some of our favourites at the end of the week!" the Duchess of Cambridge shared. As People mentions, some of the photos included in the post showed people who appeared in the images standing next to them!  

Duchess Kate's selection becomes Manchester mural

Duchess Kate selected 100 photos from those sent in from all over the United Kingdom that fit into three categories— "Helpers and Heroes, Your New Normal and Acts of Kindness." One of the photos Kate ended up choosing when it came down to making her final selections was a portrait of frontline worker Melanie, taken by her colleague Johannah Churchill.

As People shares, the image of Melanie looking into the camera while fully outfitted in medical gear has received extra special treatment, becoming a gigantic mural on the side of a Manchester building as part of Kate's community exhibition! Those who happen to walk by the installation also have the chance to watch a special video put together by the National Portrait Gallery that shows how it was created.

It's not yet known if Kate herself has seen the mural in person, but she has been going to check out several of the sites chosen to display her exhibition! She recently stepped out with Prince William upon the launch of Hold Still to see several of the images on display, and even had the chance to personally talk to a few of the photographers!

See the incredible mural created from one of Duchess Kate's photo selections here!

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