A royal first during the lockdown: While self-isolating with her husband Prince William and her three children at their Norfolk home, Duchess Catherine was given a virtual tour of an addiction treatment center in Wiltshire last week.

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Clouds House, which is run by Kate's patronage Action on Addiction, has actually been able to stay open during the lockdown, thanks to the dedicated staff and them following all government guidelines.

Kate was given the tour of Clouds House by Action on Addiction's CEO Graham Beech, who explained to her that - according to a YouGov poll - addictive behavior has actually risen during the COVID-19 pandemic. The poll reveals that a quarter of UK adults are drinking more due to the lockdown and 39% of participants with a history of addiction have either reported a recurrence of their behavior or did actually relapse.

Duchess Kate: "Help and support them in this very difficult time"

The Duchess of Cambridge said: "The worrying thing is, it is all those people who aren't necessarily reaching out who are struggling, who perhaps don't feel they can reach out. Or the fact that maybe they haven't realised that addictive behaviours have sort of established, particularly if it's the first time - and it's those people who aren't necessarily being vocal about it. It's making sure that they know they can reach out and that you are here to help and support them in this very difficult time."

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On the call, Kate also spoke to Clouds House clinical lead, Dr. Simone Yule, who said: "We are seeing more alcohol issues and in the community. I think definitely we know alcohol sales have gone up exponentially, so the rise in people that are now starting to seek treatment with lockdown gradually lifting, I think that is going to have a big impact."

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