• Duchess Meghan might attend queen's jubilee
  • Duchess Kate does not want to continue feud
  • Royal expert shares how Kate would act around Meghan

Duchess Kate doesn't want her long-standing rift with Duchess Meghan to continue into one of the year's biggest royal events! As the Daily Mail reports, it has been revealed how the Duchess of Cambridge plans to conduct herself if Meghan ends up being in attendance at the queen's Platinum Jubilee.

Kate intends to be "cordial" towards Meghan, source says

Kate and Meghan's relationship has been rocky over the years, especially after Kate reportedly upset Meghan before her wedding. However, since the birth of Meghan's daughter Lilibet, Kate has been attempting to repair things. The Duchess of Cambridge was said to be "trying to build up a relationship" with Meghan, and her response if Meghan were to appear at the Jubilee suggests things are on the mend— at least in the public eye.


"She will be sure to be photographed kissing or hugging her," royal biographer Ingrid Seward told The Mirror, saying that Kate "knows there is no point in prolonging a feud that has the opportunity of being repaired." However, while the Duchess of Cambridge reportedly intends to show affection towards Meghan, Seward says that Kate "will not forget" how Meghan has acted towards her in the past, but she won't let this show.

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"Her private feelings have to remain just that," she said of Kate, mentioning that remaining her decorum around Meghan "is part of her job." At this point in time, Meghan's presence at the Queen's Jubilee is uncertain, especially since she has very rarely made appearances in the United Kingdom following her and Harry's move to California. Hopefully things will go smoothly between the two royals if they do both attend!