• Duchess Meghan was an actress in pre-royal days
  • She is best known for Suits but acted in other TV shows too
  • Turns out Meghan Markle was in a legendary police series

Nowadays, Meghan Markle is better known for her role in the British Royal Family than any role on screen!

But there was a time when the Duchess of Sussex was famous only for movies and TV shows. As an actress, Meghan's breakthrough role was on Suits, where she played "Rachel Zane" from 2011 to 2018.

Meghan Markle was in a legendary police series before Suits

Before Suits, a young Meghan Markle actually appeared in about a dozen guest roles around TV shows of the 2000s. And you probably forgot, but the future wife of Prince Harry acted in a legendary police series...

Yes, Duchess Meghan guest-starred in the CSI franchise back in the day! She actually appeared in episodes of both CSI: New York and CSI: Miami.

Also interesting:

In 2006, Meghan played "Veronica Perez," a maid involved in a CSI: New York case. Then in 2011, she played officer "Leah Montoya" at CSI: Miami.

Soon after, Meghan shot to fame on Suits. She would ultimately step away from acting when she married Prince Harry in 2018...

But time will tell if Meghan makes an acting comeback now that she and Harry quit their royal duties.

Perhaps the new CSI: Vegas series has a role she could fill...?