• Duchess Meghan gave a new interview
  • In it, she talks about her relationship with the royals
  • Can she forgive them at last?

It's been over two years since Harry and Meghan turned their backs on the royal family. Their portrayal in the British press and the lack of family support were, according to the couple, decisive for taking the drastic step.

Duchess Meghan on forgiveness

But has Meghan forgiven the royal family for their mistakes? "I think forgiveness is really important. It takes a lot more energy not to forgive”, says Meghan in a brand new interview with The Cut.

Meghan continues: "I think forgiveness is really important. It takes a lot more energy not to forgive."

And how does Meghan feel about the royal family today? At the moment, Duchess Meghan's interview is in everyone's mouth.

Prince Harry's wife uses the conversation to address various topics. What are the couple's plans after stepping away from royal duties in 2020?

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Duchess Meghan advertises

Meghan and Harry have already initiated some projects that are very close to their hearts. The former actress uses the interview to promote her podcast Archetypes, which premiered on August 23.

In her podcast, Meghan sees the opportunity to "use her voice" to say what she wants to say.

According to Meghan and Harry, that privilege was taken away from them while they were still in the service of the Queen. This was one of the reasons they decided to leave the UK.