Amid the big news of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex "stepping back" from their senior royal duties, news has now been reported that Meghan Markle has reportedly signed a deal with Disney to voice a character for an upcoming project that is currently untitled.

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Meghan Markle to voice character for upcoming Disney film

The Times has now reported that "Meghan will do a voiceover for an unspecified Disney project in exchange for the company making a donation to Elephants Without Borders."

Elephants Without Boarders will receive the donation

The publication also stated that the voiceover was recorded prior to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex going to Vancouver for their 6-week getaway over the holidays. The charity that is to receive the donation in turn for Meghan's voice work is one that is very close to Meghan and Harry's hearts as Harry has done lots of conservation work in Africa.

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Stay tuned for more details regarding Duchess Meghan's upcoming Disney work... 

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