With Duchess Meghan having returned to Canada already to reunite with 8-month-old Archie, Prince Harry has stayed in England to work things out with Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and Prince William. A face-to-face meeting at Sandringham has now been set for tomorrow to discuss Harry and Meghan's future.

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The Queen wanted the conflict worked out quickly

Queen Elizabeth II had made it known that she wanted the conflict worked out "in days" and that is exactly what's going to happen. Duchess Meghan is also expected to dial in from Canada for the meeting.

Meghan and Harry are "stepping back" from senior royal duties 

The Sussex' have been discussing their move to "working royals" as opposed to "senior royals" for quite some time now, however the Palace was taken by surprise with how quickly the news was released to the public. Charles is not too keen to cut the Duke and Duchess off completely as he sees them as having that star quality that is needed for the royal family.

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Stay tuned for the results from tomorrow's meeting.