Thomas Markle Jr. is getting open and honest on Big Brother VIP.

In a new episode of the reality show, Markle apologized to his half-sister Duchess Meghan for telling Prince Harry not to marry her in a letter shortly before their wedding. He called it an "awful mean letter" which he now regrets.

Duchess Meghan's brother sorry about letter to Prince Harry

Thomas Jr. is currently competing on Big Brother VIP, and he's had plenty to say about Meghan and Harry on the show.

While speaking about his letter to Prince Harry, Thomas Jr. got candid about his relationship with Meghan. But, for a change, he placed the blame on himself. Of the letter, he said: "I know that it was immature and wrong and I truly regret it."

Thomas Markle Jr. Is Starting Drama With Meghan And Prince Harry Again

Please watch the video above for the full apology from Thomas Markle Jr. on his open letter to Prince Harry.

Despite the apology, Markle has also warned that Meghan will soon divorce Prince Harry, and he believes the couple and even the Queen are watching his reality show.