• Prince Harry has a friend named Mark Dyer
  • The man is nicknamed Harry's "second dad"
  • How do they know each other?

Does Prince Harry really have a "second dad"?

First things first: No, this isn't that theory that says Prince Charles isn't Harry's biological father. But there is a man in the royal's life who earned the "second dad" title in the media. Let's get to know Mark Dyer.

Who is Mark Dyer a.k.a. Prince Harry's second dad?

Prince Harry and his "second dad" go way back. Mark Dyer, who even looks a bit like Harry, is a former Welsh Guards officer. He's long been a mentor and confidant for Harry.

The two met when Mark Dyer was working for Prince Charles in the 1990s, according to Cheatsheet. Dyer grew close to a young Harry, and insiders have portrayed him as a caring father figure.

"Second dad" Mark Dyer and a young Prince Harry

One insider even went so far as to claim: "It was Mark, not Charles, who raised Harry after Princess Diana died." It's also believed Harry and Mark travelled the world together years ago, and they remain close to this day.

Also interesting:

The men share close personal connections as well. Prince Harry is a godfather of one of Dyer's kids. Meanwhile, Harry and Meghan have never confirmed the godparents of their children, but The Sunday Times claims that Dyer is a godfather of their son Archie.

Dyer is also said to have provided a bar he owned for Prince Harry's secret dates with Meghan in the UK. He later attended the couple's royal wedding, too.

Where did Mark Dyer get the "second dad" nickname?

About Mark Dyer's nickname. We took a look around, and "second dad" or "second father" appears to have become common after use in a Daily Mail headline from 2017. Ever since, it's been repeated that he is "often" called Prince Harry's second dad.

Mark Dyer is also currently battling cancer and was in the news recently as he's been receiving treatment.

Get well soon, Mark!